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We are the alternative Christian podcast. We don't set rules or cast judgements, we just discuss different topics, both light and dark, and along the way you'll hear experiences of our spiritual journey in this everyday world. Hear No Evil Podcast hosted by Chris Copeland and Justin McGill.
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Oct 25, 2018

Freddy, and Jason, and Michael...OH MY!!! In this months 2nd Halloween installment HNE covers the best slasher fix of all time and the rules of surviving a horror movie monster. Is Jason really that big of a threat? Does your fear of the demonic prevent you from beating Freddy Krueger? Will Chris and Justins wives die for the 3rd straight week? You'll have to listen to find out. 

Oct 15, 2018

The countdown to Halloween begins with a look at zombie culture, movies, and survival. This week the boys discuss their fascination with the undead and how they plan to survive the inevitable zombie apocalypse.  Zombie Survival Tip #1: Ditch your wife. 

Oct 5, 2018

The HNE monkeys are at it again with an eye opening look at conflict, media therapy, and the act of confession. The Confession Project asks you, the listener, to take a leap of faith and volunteer for a new spiritual experiment to help you overcome unresolved issues in your life. 

Sep 8, 2018

This week we're going to space! The world race is on to dominate outer-space and HNE has a few ideas to help it along. We give our take on Trumps new Space Force program and welcome back the Captain of the Enterprise himself, Sir Patrick Stewart. Will Trump's Space Force rule the Universe? Are we ready for the next generation? Will Queen Latifah be our first ambassador to an alien encounter?

Sep 3, 2018

The Satanic Temple is at it again and HNE is on the case. This week Chris and Justin discuss separation of Church and state and The Ten Commandments v. The devil on government property. Does Christianity have a place in our schools and government buildings? Do satanists have a right to be heard? Would a demonic bouncy house make everything better? Perhaps the Satanic Smokey and the Bandit know.

Aug 6, 2018

'We love the 80's' is an homage to the decade that birthed the HNE cast. What starts as an attempt for Chris to clear his sullied name, quickly becomes the greatest 80's pop culture breakdown of all time. The journey from the top 20 songs to reboots of the movies they cherished as children will transport you back to your pop culture roots. You'll laugh, you'll cry...and you may even considering going to your high school reunion.  

Jul 1, 2018

Spanning BabyBoomers to Millennials, HNE takes a closer look at the religious and spiritual differences in the generational divide. Can you remember life before technology? How likely is your generation to follow God? Will you die of dysentery? These questions and more will be answered on this weeks Hear No Evil. 

May 29, 2018

How are God and Satan depicted in modern television? HNE breaks down TV's depiction of religious figures, from Handsome Misunderstood Lucifer to Wimpy Jesus. Only Chris and Justin could take on homosexual satan, modern day public stonings, and an inbred Messiah with such gravitas. HA!!  

Mar 15, 2018

Clones, and nanites, and brain chips, oh my!!!

This week the HNE crew discuss the ethics of prolonged life through modern medicine, the art of cloning monkeys, and the evolution of pig-men. It's all good till one of them asks your daughter to the prom!

Feb 17, 2018

A shout out to our Korean fans!!!  

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway. So...Chris and Justin show some love to their their listeners in Korea by discussing who's crazier: White people on ice or Koreans eating mass quantities of food online?

PyeongChang,curling, and live stream eating. It doesn't get much better than this!!

Jan 29, 2018

A friendly conversation about the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show turns weird when Justin starts talking about Artificial Intelligence and Chris tries to wrap his head around the idea of a robot pastor. Oh yeah, and Jimmy Fallon gets schooled by an android with a sense of humor. This should be interesting!

Apr 5, 2017

Chris and Justin delve once more into the supernatural as they discuss Witches against Trump, a group hell bent on bringing down the President of the United States with a nationwide binding spell.

Plus, the possibility that your microwave may be working for the NSA. Dun,Dun,DUUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

Feb 17, 2017

Chris and Justin know no limits as they discuss a new satanic after school program and Justin's unholy fascination with Betty White.